Zoomies - Why Dogs Get Hyper

Zoomies - Why Dogs Get Hyper

Ever wondered why your dog is chasing its tail at full sprint? As if from out of nowhere, your once docile dog has now erupted with an explosion of energy, creating an excitable path of destruction, what is this? 

No need to worry, your dog should calm down, the likely answer is that your furry friend is simply experiencing a case of “zoomies”, a quick release of built-up energy, also known as a Frenetic Random Activity Period (FRAP), according to the American Kennel Club. Below are just some of the reasons your dog may be getting zoomies:


Whether it be a favourite human guest, or a favourite toy, sometimes our pooches just get a little too excitable, leading to zoomies. If your pet has had a lack of interaction or exercise throughout the day, your arrival may just set them off into a fun-fuelled frenzy! Dogs are often very social and curious animals, the arrival of a new guest into your family home can often cause overstimulation for them; it is important to ensure, particularly with bigger dogs, that any safety issues are beared in mind when introducing your pet to new people.

Tension or Anxiety

The same way that happiness can cause playful zoomies, stress and anxiety can cause your dog to experience FRAPs. Stress can be caused in dogs in a multitude of ways, such as:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Loud noises
  • New people
  • Solitude
  • Disruption to routine.

It may not always be easy to understand whether your dog is feeling stressed or anxious, signs may include aggression, hiding, and lack of interaction, all of which can lead to zoomies. In this instance, the best thing to do is back away and respect your pet’s space, this will help diffuse the situation and reduce stress levels.

Lack of Exercise

All dogs need exercise to different degrees, depending on their breed, age, and ability. It’s important for dogs to get the correct amount of exercise, not only for their physical health, but their mental well-being.

If your pet is not receiving their required exercise, zoomies are an easy way for them to release their unused energy. With a lack of exercise comes more frequent and intense bursts of energy, if you notice this occurring, make sure to engage in physical activities with your dog. For guidance on your dog’s exercise requirements, Zigzag has an article to provide clarity on the subject, click here!


Sometimes our furry friends just get a little too excitable when playing with us or with other dogs! Have you ever noticed that while playing with your pup, they start to jump up at you, bark, or tug at your clothes? This is due to an overstimulation that dogs experience during play, leading to FRAPs. Allow your dog to have plenty of play time to ensure that they are happy and healthy, and that they’re able to have plenty of happy zoomies!


Even after our playful pups have had their playtime, they might still have some leftover energy for zoomies! Linking back to the overstimulation previously mentioned, dogs tend to get a little bit excitable after all of the fun they’ve just had on their walks, or perhaps with any stress they endured on their travels, leading to some ‘second-wind’ energy releasing, this is because dogs, like humans, have a lot of cortisol in their bloodstream when stressed or excited. 


It is important to note that while zoomies are not harmful to dogs, when your dog gets hyper they may be more prone to recklessness. Make sure that you and your companion are safe during their hyperactive episodes. Below are some suggestions on how to keep your pup safe:

  • Check your surroundings
  • Assure your home is safe for your dogs
  • Move your dog to a safer location
  • Practise recalling. 

Zoomies are often funny to watch, however, if your dog is having a lot of them, this may indicate that your dog requires more exercise or mental stimulation. While FRAPs can occur even with adequate exercise, if you begin to find that your dog’s outbursts are becoming unmanageable, your dog likely requires more exercise - if this does not help, seek professional advice. 

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