What to do with horses during fireworks

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What to do with horses during fireworks

Bonfire night is fast approaching and it is quite an exciting time for some but we need to remember that some animals don’t like loud noises especially horses as they are easier to spook than other animals. This blog shares some information about how to make sure you can keep your horses as calm and comfortable as possible.

If you are concerned about your horse during this time, speak to your vet for more in-depth advice.

During the firework season:

  • Ensure you keep their normal routine with their usual companions as they will cope best in familiar environments.
  • If your horse is usually stabled, keep them in there but ensure you thoroughly check their stables for anything they could hurt themselves on such as nails sticking out before you leave them alone. However, if they are usually in a field outside, keep them there for as long as it is safe and secure to do so but it needs to be away from any firework display areas.
  • If you know that fireworks will be set off near your horse, make sure you stay with them or someone who is experienced. By doing this you can observe their behaviour and make sure they stay as calm and safe as possible whilst being able to react quickly if they become upset or spooked.
  • When the fireworks are going off try to keep as positive and calm as possible throughout the displays because horses can sense when people are feeling uneasy and if you’re worried their fear may worsen.
  • Never risk riding your horse when you think fireworks may be set off.
  • Be careful yourself by trying not to get in the way of your horse if they become startled as you may get hurt.
  • If you need to leave your horse with someone else during a display make sure you leave clear and concise instructions as well as your contact details and those for your vet in case of any problems.

Before any displays:

  • Try to make sure no displays are set off near your horse’s stable or field, you can do this by checking on plans for local displays, telling your neighbours and local organisers that there are horses nearby so they can make sure to set up well away from them. 
  • If your horse gets spooked easily by loud and sudden noises or has become worried by fireworks previously, speak with your vet before for any advice or consider moving them elsewhere for the night.

After any displays:

  • If there has been a display near your horse’s stable or field, you will need to check the area for any bits of used fireworks and put anything that may be dangerous to your horse in the bin.


We hope that you found this blog helpful, if you have any concerns for your horse during the fireworks season make sure to speak with your vet for more in-depth advice. If you are interested in buying a personalised name plate for your saddle, stable or headcollar visit https://engravingstudios.co.uk/collections/horse-name-plates to view our full range.

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