What should I have on my cat’s tag?

What should I have on my cat’s tag?

Even though it’s not a legal requirement for a cat to wear a tag, it is a sensible choice to pop one on your cat’s collar. One benefit of having a tag on your cat is that if they were to get lost you can easily be contacted and reunited. 

Many people think a tag is only good for outdoor cats, however, it can also be helpful for inside cats just in case they plot a great escape! This  blog includes some information you may wish to consider adding to your cat’s tags.

Battersea also recommends getting your cat microchipped and ensuring their collar is quick release, to prevent your cat becoming trapped.


Your address is an important piece of information to have on a tag. Having your address can be helpful for people to return your cat home swiftly, especially if they are local. Depending on the size of the tag you may need to shorten down the information, so maybe put your house number and postcode instead of the full address.


By telling people that your cat is chipped means that if they can’t read the number on the tag they can take them to a vet and get them scanned so they will be able to contact you and reunite you with your cat quickly. Also by showing on the tag that they are chipped it can put off cat thieves.

Medical info

This could be any allergies they have that can inform someone who is trying to return them home to be cautious with food around them or if they have to take any sort of medication it will give the finder a sense of urgency to return your cat home as soon as possible. Another thing to put on their tags could be that they are neutered, this can dissuade cat thieves from taking and breeding your cat.

Phone number

This is the most important piece of information to have on any pets tags as this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to be contacted in case your furbaby goes missing. Make sure it is the correct number and it’s one that you will most likely answer, for most people it is their mobile number.

Our cat tags come with free engraving so they can be personalised with whatever information you want on them as long as it fits within the space on the tag. It is really important to check your cat’s tags to make sure that all information is correct and up to date.

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