The best nameplates for your tack

The best nameplates for your tack

Nameplates are a sensible option to have on your tack for a number of reasons. They could include important medical information, contact details or the livery yard your horse is residing in. You could also opt for the name of your horse, as a beautiful addition to your saddle or bridle.

When it comes to accessorising your tack with a nameplate, there are several options out on the market you can choose from. From bridle tags/nameplates to saddle nameplates, the materials used and the fixing methods; it can all be confusing when looking for the best quality. This article discusses the options available and our recommendations to help make the decision making process as simple as possible.


Whilst we all understand that nameplates serve a useful function, that doesn’t mean they can’t look good too! Metals, such as brass or aluminium, have a high shine and can be easily polished, meaning your nameplate looks as good as the day you bought it, no matter where your adventures take you! Other materials, such as plastic, can give a low quality appearance and can detract from the beautiful craftsmanship of your tack. 

Whilst metals, such as brass, may not be the cheapest options on the market, their aesthetics and durability cannot be matched. If you’re looking for a statement piece, a deeply engraved brass nameplate is sure to turn heads. 


It’s really important that any information you have on your nameplate is legible and will stand up to whatever life has in store for it! Opting for a laser etched nameplate may look good initially, but lettering can soon wear away (you can read our blog about the difference between deeply engraved and etched here). 

Other options you may find include stickers, paint, or inks.  These all have a relatively short lifespan, meaning you will have to purchase a replacement sooner than anticipated, resulting in more money being spent in the long run.

If you’re looking for a nameplate which is robust, we highly recommend opting for a deeply engraved brass or aluminium nameplate. 


There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful tag on your tack which becomes lost. Some tack tags are secured with a silicone loop, which slides onto the bridle. Whilst this is a quick and easy solution, they may become snagged and can snap off. Additionally, there is the possibility that they wear through over time.

Some tags are looped onto the bridle using a split ring. Whilst this is quite a secure attachment, there are a few negative points. Firstly, the tag can eventually wear through at the split ring hole (especially if the tag is made from a thin material), lettering can fade off through friction (if not deeply engraved) and they can clatter; not ideal if you have a horse which is easily spooked. 

Here at Engraving Studios, we’d recommend purchasing a nameplate which is screwed directly into the bridle or saddle. This means it’s secured firmly in place and has no chance of becoming snagged or getting lost.


Of course, the choice is completely up to you and we hope this article has given you some insights into the options open to you. If you’re looking for a quality, deeply engraved nameplate, we offer a range of options to suit you. You can find them here