Slide on dog tag survives Indian ocean!

DrPaul -

Slide on dog tag survives Indian ocean!

We had to share this wonderful story from one of our client Carla in Western Australia;


This email is to thank you for the terrific dog Id tags you supply and engrave.

In January I received the dog ID plate that I ordered from Engraving Studios, I was very impressed with the quality of the item and couldn't wait to attach it to my dog's collar.

Every morning I take my dog, Maisy to the beach for a swim. Two days after receiving the plate we went to the beach and Maisy lost her whole collar, with plate into the Indian Ocean. She is very adventurous and loves swimming so she had swum out to a row of rocks which were exposed due to a low tide. She was cavorting about on the rocks, chasing gulls, etc so it was not really surprising that the collar went missing.

We searched for the collar there and then and the next day my husband swam out to the outcrop with his goggles and snorkle, but again without success due to the strong tide and huge movement of sand around the rocks.

Two days later, there was a knock on the door at our home and lo and behold, the caller had Maisy's collar. Someone had found it and hung it over a post at the beach. Our caller had seen the collar and realised he would be passing near our home that day. How lucky is Maisy!! How wonderful are the people who live in our small coastal village?

We have now bought a stronger collar that shouldn't slip off and attached the ID plate (which is still in perfect condition.) The old collar did not fare well. I have sent you a photo taken when we got the collar back (and one of Maisy so you can see why she loves the beach). You can see that your ID tag looks like new but the collar buckle has taken a beating on the buckle and the metal holes, which have started rusting. Not surprising after more than 2 days in the sea.

Thanks so much for a great product.

Kind Regards

Paul Manktelow

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Paul Manktelow is a vet who's worked for almost 20 years on the front line in some of the UK's busiest veterinary hospitals. Paul also appears regularly in the media as a TV and radio presenter, writer, public speaker and podcast producer.