Pet Insurance : What are the benefits?

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Pet Insurance : What are the benefits?

In the last 10 years pet ownership has grown dramatically with %9% of UK households now having pets. Despite this, the pet insurance market is lagging with new statistics suggesting that over 40% of pet owners do not have their pet insured. The most common reasons stated being that owners are unaware it is available, a lack of awareness of the advantages, and some citing it as being too expensive.


As a vet, I know only too well that accidents and illness can happen any time and how stressful the financial impact can be for owners. So why do I think insurance is essential? 


Peace of Mind


A sick pet is already stressful enough, so at least with pet insurance in your back pocket there will be no need to worry about the financial stress should your pet become sick or injured. Most insurance companies will pay out at least 80% of the total amount after deductibles, thus making the bill much more manageable.

Saves you money on expensive treatments


Some veterinary treatments are inescapably expensive. Fixing a broken bone or treating for complex medical conditions can quickly run into the thousands as they will often require specialised management and equipment. For many this is unaffordable treatment without the fall back of pet insurance.


Increases your options for treatment


Having pet insurance increases the treatment options available to your pet. Your GP vet is only able to provide treatments within the bounds of the equipment and expertise available to them. Having pet insurance gives you and your pet the option of being referred to a specialist and gives you the financial freedom to choose the best course of action.


Pet Insurance is available to all pets

It’s not just our cats and dogs that can benefit from pet insurance. With more pet insurance companies out there than before, there is now pet insurance available to all of our furry, feathered and scaled friends. It also doesn’t discriminate against age or breed and can be taken out at any point of your pets life.

There are different plans to suit different needs


There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ policy and pet insurance companies know this. There are a variety of different policies available and you can customise the sort of cover you take out according to both your budget and your pets specific needs.

One of my top tips for new pet owners is to consider lifetime policies as these will cover any chronic or recurring condition your pet may be unlucky to have for the duration of their lifetime.

Paul Manktelow

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Paul Manktelow is a vet who's worked for almost 20 years on the front line in some of the UK's busiest veterinary hospitals. Paul also appears regularly in the media as a TV and radio presenter, writer, public speaker and podcast producer.