How to fix nameplates to your tack

How to fix nameplates to your tack

We get asked many times about how to fix name plates to your tack, so we have created this guide on the best way to securely attach an Engraving Studios nameplate to your saddle or headcollar.

Headcollar nameplates:

Our brass headcollar nameplate is supplied with 2 pre-drilled fixings. Use a ruler to measure and mark holes in the headcollar, then measure again to ensure the nameplate is exactly where you want it. Use a leather hole punch to make the holes to suit the holes in the nameplate. As precisely as possible, position the headcollar nameplate and fit and tighten the 2 brass fixings with 1 from the front and 1 from the back. Remember do not over tighten the fixings as they might break under the excess strain.

If ordering an Engraving Studios nameplate, it’s really important to choose the correct thickness in the dropdown box so we can send the most appropriate length of fixings.

Saddle nameplates:

Our saddle nameplates are supplied with 2 pre-drilled fixings and 2 screws and so that they are ready to be attached to your saddle straight away. Firstly, ensure your saddle is in a firm and stable position, with no chance of it falling. Then find the centre of the rear of the cantle. Use a ruler to measure and mark the holes with a pencil on the saddle to make sure it’s centred. We always recommend measuring a second time to ensure the placement of your saddle nameplate is perfect. Then simply pre-drill the holes and then screw the screws into the saddle, ensuring you don’t over tighten the fixings. Alternatively, you can sew the nameplate onto your saddle. 

If you do not feel comfortable with attaching the nameplate yourself you can always get an experienced saddler to attach it for you.

After care:

Our nameplates are crafted from solid brass, which can be cleaned with a specific polish for brass, for example “Brasso”. Afterwards, the engraved nameplate should be wiped with a damp cloth which would remove any excess polish from the infilled lettering, before being buffed with a soft cloth.


We hope that you found this article helpful, if you are interested in buying a nameplate for your horse visit and view our full range of nameplates.