How to Choose the Right Brass Pet Tag

How to Choose the Right Brass Pet Tag

Selecting the ideal brass pet tag offers a range of options as diverse and distinctive as our pets themselves. These tags go beyond mere functionality; they reflect your pet's individuality and serve as essential safety elements. Whether you have an energetic agility lover or a diligent service dog, there's a brass pet tag designed to complement their lifestyle and ensure your peace of mind.

1. Reinforced Brass Dog Tags

For pets that are active and love to explore, the reinforced brass dog tag is a durable choice. It features a stainless steel lined split ring hole, significantly reducing the wear and tear caused by the fixing ring. This reinforcement ensures the tag remains securely attached to your pet's collar, no matter the adventure. We’d recommend pairing this tag with our TagLink to add an extra layer of security.

2. Easy Fit Agility Brass Tags

Designed with the dynamic and athletic dog in mind, the easy fit agility brass tag is ideal for pets involved in activities like dog agility and flyball. It's no-fuss design requires no additional fixings, eliminating the risk of snagging during intense play or competition. These tags are perfect for ensuring your agile friend's identification remains intact through all their movements.

3. Bolt-On Brass Dog Tags

For working dogs or those who engage in rigorous outdoor activities, the bolt-on brass dog tag is a steadfast option. Its secure attachment method ensures the tag won't get lost, regardless of the terrain or task at hand. This type of tag is especially suitable for service dogs or those on the go, providing a reliable way to keep their identification visible and intact.

4. Classic Brass Dog Tags

The classic brass dog tag, while straightforward, offers no less in terms of quality and functionality. It's a classic choice that provides all the essential benefits of a pet tag—identification, durability, and style. Without any added frills, this tag does the job of keeping your pet safe and identified.

Care and Maintenance

Engraving Studios' brass pet tags are crafted from the finest solid brass, requiring simple but specific care to maintain their shine and legibility. Cleaning with a brass-specific polish, such as "Brasso," followed by a damp cloth wipe and a soft cloth buff, will keep your pet's tag gleaming and readable.

Customisation Options

With options for one-sided engraving on easy fit and bolt-on tags and two-sided engraving on reinforced and classic tags, the customisation possibilities are vast. Here at Engraving Studios, we offer the flexibility to include any information you wish, as long as it fits, and remember, UK law mandates that the owner's name and address be present on the tag.


Choosing the right brass pet tag is a blend of understanding your pet's lifestyle and your preferences for maintenance and aesthetics. Whether you opt for the robustness of a reinforced tag, the agility-friendly design of an easy fit tag, the security of a bolt-on, or the simplicity of a classic tag, you're investing in your pet's safety and your peace of mind. With the right care and the perfect design, your pet's brass tag will be a long-lasting emblem of their identity and your love.