Five reasons you may need to change your dog's tags

Five reasons you may need to change your dog's tags

Our high quality dog tags are deeply engraved, durable and robust; meaning they can endure whatever your dog has in store!  However, there are numerous reasons why you might need, or want, to obtain new ones.  In this article we’ve listed five reasons why you may need to change your dog’s tags, including some that are well known and others you might not have considered before.

  • Change of personal details
  • In the UK, it’s a legal requirement, under the control of dogs order 1992, for your dog’s tags to clearly display your current name and address including postcode, even if your dog is microchipped. If your dog tag doesn’t have the correct owner information, not only can you receive a substantial fine, it could also make it much harder for someone to return your dog  to you, if they ever go missing. 

    We understand that  it’s easy to overlook updating your dog’s tags when you’re going through a major life change, such as moving house. To avoid this situation, we suggest updating your dog’s tags as soon as you’re aware of any impending change of personal details, so you can quickly switch them with the old ones at the appropriate time.

  •  New medical condition
  • Including a medical condition isn’t a legal requirement, but it is one of the most important voluntary pieces of information you can engrave on your dog’s tags.  If your dog does get lost and has a serious health condition, not including up-to-date medical details can potentially become a matter of life or death.

    Many of our customers include essential medical information regarding their pets, covering a wide range of illnesses and disabilities, for example, highlighting the fact their dog is deaf or has special dietary requirements. All of our tags are deeply engraved by time served engravers, giving you peace of mind that important information is clear, legible and will last for years to come. 

  •  Alternative address or person
  • You might need a change of dog tags if your dog frequents another address regularly for extended periods of time, such as a holiday home, when working away or staying with family. 

    Providing these alternate details can ensure if your dog does go missing while away from your main area of residence, or if you aren’t available,  your dog can be returned to whoever is responsible in your absence, as quickly as possible.

    In a similar vein, some dog owners like to include the phone number for their dog walker or dog sitter on their dog’s tags and with our precision engraving you might be surprised how much information we are able to include, at no extra cost.

  •  Freshen up your tags
  • Sometimes the reason for changing your dog’s tags is the simplest, they’re looking a little worn and grubby and you want to freshen them up.  Although our deeply engraved tags can handle a lot of wear and tear, we know some owners like to keep their dog’s tags looking pristine at all times.

    This might be a personal preference, such as freshening up your dog’s tags when you get a new collar or your dog might compete in companion or breed shows and you need to have your dog looking their best.  In a similar vein, if your dog is competing in agility shows you might also want to change your dog’s tags for a specialist agility tag that will ensure they don’t get snagged on obstacles.

  •  Accessorise your pup
  • For some owners, accessorising their dog means frequent doggy wardrobe updates, while others prefer to accessorise by reflecting the change of seasons or to celebrate special occasions. With our solid brass tags including Halloween pumpkins and skulls, Christmas baubles or Easter bunnies, it means you don’t have to compromise quality for design.

    Your dog’s collar and tags might be small accessories, but they speak volumes about you and your dog and with market research showing the pandemic brought a significant growth in interest for pet accessories, many more owners are expressing their individuality by styling their dogs and the simplest way is by changing out your dog’s tags.


    There are numerous reasons why you may need to change your dog’s tags including the five most popular that we’ve listed above, from the practical such legal requirements and medical conditions through to the playful with pet accessorising or competing in shows.

    Your dog’s tag is the one of the most important accessories you can purchase for your pet and with the wide selection of high quality dog tags available at Engraving Studios, we’re certain we can deliver on both functionally and design, whatever your reason for needing to change your tags.