Five Best Dog Breeds for Families

Five Best Dog Breeds for Families

When looking to add a new furry companion to a family, one of the first questions will always be “What are the best dog breeds for families?”. All dogs are known to have different characteristics, each having their own unique personality, even within the same breed. There are, however, breeds that are more suitable for family homes with young children. Here, we rank the top 5 dog breeds that could be most ‘pawfect’ for your family.

5 - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier may be a surprising top five pick for some readers, as a result of an unfortunate negative stereotype that these dogs are aggressive or misbehaved. Contrary to these beliefs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are actually very loving dogs - they are loyal, kind-natured, playful, and are very well suited to children, hence why they are nicknamed ‘nanny dogs’ by many, earning a well-justified position on this list.

4 - King Charles Spaniel

A gentle, affectionate, and loyal dog, the King Charles Spaniel is widely regarded as one of the best family dogs. This breed earns its place on this list due to its calm nature, very rarely showing any signs of aggression to children and dogs alike. King Charles Spaniel’s are a small dog breed, and are known to be very playful pets, perfect for families! If you’re looking to add this precious pup to your family, please keep in mind that they are prone to hearing and vision impairments, and it is important that they’re checked out by a vet regularly.

3 - Golden Retriever

The excitable and energetic Golden Retriever is in third place, down to its intelligence, compassion, and loving nature. The medium-sized dog is very active, and requires daily exercise to keep them healthy, which can perhaps be restrictive to families with less free time; however, time permitting - this dog will be a beautiful addition to your family, making for fun play times.

2 - Beagle

Runner-up on this list is the Beagle, this affectionate little dog has a lot of love to give, and they’re at their happiest when in company. Beagles are known to be one of the friendliest breeds, having a reputation to be very tolerant with children, despite their energetic personalities. These dogs are known to be intelligent, but may be more difficult to train than other breeds, often appearing stubborn, which is something to bear in mind when looking for your new furry family pet. 

1 - Labrador Retriever

It may come as no surprise that the Labrador takes the top spot as best dog breed for families! Labradors are very playful, affectionate, energetic dogs that are known to be very popular family pets, getting along very well with both children and other pets alike. These personable pups are also remarkably intelligent, making them easily trainable, as they love to learn new tricks. Similar to the Golden Retriever, the Labrador is very energetic, and requires daily exercise and attention, which is something to bear in mind for more occupied households. 


Almost all dogs make for amazing family pets, providing they receive the love and treatment that they deserve. While the above breeds are known to be more reputable dog breeds for families, this does not mean that all of these dogs are suitable for families; like humans, dogs have their own personalities, and this must be taken into account when searching for a family pet. 

When you and your family are  looking for your perfect companion, you could even look at shelter dogs! Dog shelters are put in place for dogs that have been mistreated, lost, or are unwanted, so it is very important that when you’re bringing a dog into a family home that it is well tempered and docile. We’d recommend getting a background check on any dogs from a shelter, as well as advice from staff, to ensure that your family is safe in bringing home a pet.  

As an owner, you must be able to ensure your pet is well looked after, that it is well exercised, fed, and socialised, dogs must be nurtured appropriately for them to behave well. The Kennel Club recommends The Puppy Plan, a guide to advise on keeping your dog well behaved.

All dogs in a public area must wear a tag in order to keep them safe and retrievable. Check out our selection of deeply engraved, premium quality tags to ensure your pet is equipped to take on their adventures!

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