Dog training

Dog training

It’s train your pet month! This event is about raising awareness about the importance of proper dog training and healthy socialisation to a dog’s wellbeing. It’s not just beneficial for them, but you too! It’s a bonding experience and can create great memories.

Simple commands

When teaching simple commands you should teach them in a quiet room in your house away from any distractions, but only do it for short periods of time so they don’t become overwhelmed. 

Teaching them with the use of treats as a reward can be very motivating for them and when teaching commands such as ‘sit’ you would give them the treat when they are sat, not before they’re sitting down and not when they’ve gotten back up otherwise that won’t be rewarding them for the right movement. 

To get them to sit you should put the treat near their nose and slowly move it backwards until their bottom hits the floor then give them a treat and repeat a couple of times before introducing the word ‘sit’ as they go to sit. 

If you were to teach them to lay down you would get them to sit down and move a treat down from their nose to their chest then straight down to the floor and then repeat that action a couple of times before introducing the word ‘down’. 

Activities to enjoy together

Doing activities on the weekend or on night can be a good way to spend quality time with your dog. Some of these activities can include flyball, agility training, meeting fellow dog owners and meeting up with them and their dogs or exploring a new park. 

Allowing them to exercise and socialise outside the house with other dogs can be a great way for them to be confident when you’re not around and also blow off some steam by playing. You could also join a local flyball club together to meet some new furry friends, find your local group here.

If you plan on trying out agility or flyball why not check out our agility tags, they slide directly onto the collar so there are no fixings to get snagged, find them here