What information should be on my dog tags?

We often get asked "what should I have engraved on my dog tags?" There is not only a legal requirement but a couple of options that you may want to consider; The control of dogs law order 1992 stat...

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Planning your Summer – why not have a doggy holiday?

If you are thinking of seeking out a bit of sun this summer, why not take your pooch along for the ride! It’s getting a lot easier to take your four legged friends along and a dog friendly holiday usu...

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Co-Parenting your dog: A modern day approach

Have you ever wanted a dog but felt that you just don’t have the time or money? Maybe you’ve thought about getting a rescue or a puppy but you are worried about the huge commitment that having a dog...

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Slide on dog tag survives Indian ocean!

We had to share this wonderful story from one of our client Carla in Western Australia; Hi, This email is to thank you for the terrific dog Id tags you supply and engrave. In January I recei...

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How to introduce a new puppy into the family home

Welcoming a new puppy to the home is an extremely exciting time for the family, but with so many things to consider it can also be extremely daunting. Here’s my simple guide on what to prepare, what...

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