Pet Tags

The use of a Pet Tag on your pets collar is not only, in the case of dogs, a legal requirement but will help you be assured of a quick recovery if your dog is lost. Modern microchip technology such as those on offer from Avid PLC  provide vets, police and other authorities access to your data by a simple swipe of a microchip scanner.... needless to say the general public do not have access to this kind of equipment.

A good quality legible pet tag has a number of benefits;

  • By wearing a tag your pet will comply with the control of dogs order, which states: " Subject to paragraph (2), every dog while in a highway or in a place of public resort shall wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it." There are certain exclusions to this act which include service dogs, more information on the control of dogs act can be viewed on the website
  • Consider putting your dogs name onto a dog tag, some of our customers have informed us that a lost animal can be calmed if the finder knows its name. Alternatively some customers have argued this point stating that a dogs name should never been shown on a tag as it can be used to lure away your dog. Ultimately this decision is best made by the owner who knows the dogs temperment and can make an appropriate decision
  • Add your local Veterinary Surgery telephone number to your tag, in the event you cannot be reached the finder can speak directly with your Veterinary Surgery in the event your pet needs medical attention.

Choice of material for your pettag;

  • Brass dog tags, a "classic" choice for animal identification. Our deep mill engraved brass dog tags are 1.5mm thick with deep mill engraving, the lettering is then infilled with black to provide high contrast lettering making a readable tag. Brass pettags are available in a choice of 9 shapes and sizes
  • Further developing our brass dog tags we added our deluxe dog tags which feature a reinforced split ring hole, this steel lining of the fixing hole helps prevent premature wear on particularly active dogs
  • Silver Nickel dog tags start with a high quality brass tag and feature silver nickel electroplate finish. An equally durable material as brass but perhaps a better choice for dogs with white coats, the natural tarnishing of brass can stain white coats
  • Plastic Pet Tags are a perfect light weight form of animal identification. Available in 9 shapes and sizes, each in a choice of 5 colours