Time is ticking for our latest client

When we were approached by Bad Dog Designs to produce some custom engraved plates for their very cool clocks we jumped at the chance.

Paul from Bad Dog Designs quotes;

"The Captain Nemo clock is a Steampunk styled clock - Early victorian, with emphasis on Brass and mechanical mechanisms / steam power. The clock uses Nixie tubes to display the time. These are very old, similar to radio valves and are filled with Neon gas and have 10 individual number elements inside, that glow orange when voltage is applied. The clock is called the 'Captain Nemo' clock as it would not look out of place onboard the Nautilus. It is a one off bespoke clock, made by Bad Dog Designs - www.bad-dog-designs.co.uk In order to get the syling correct, the clock had to have engraved brass plaques"

Our time served engraver, Mandy, produced deep mill engraved brass plaques as small as 26mm x 10mm for this project.

Heres a taster from Bad Dog Designs website but head over and check out the full range