NEW agility dog collar tag

Engraving Studios are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new tag for 2013, our patent pending Stainless Steel "Fit All" Agility Collar Tag.

We have launched this tag to fill the gap in the market for a dog collar tag which fits any style of collar, whether it be buckle or snap close. We understand that it is important that dogs taking part in agility, fly ball and many other activities have nothing which can snag when running through tunnels, over jumps etc. Our new stainless steel "fit all" agility tag simply folds around the collar with its unique wing design. This tag was designed to answer the needs of our customers who's dogs are taking part in dog agility but has proven popular for fly ball and also service dogs.

Once folded into place the tag is secure and fixed to your dogs collar. Precision laser engraving of our dog tag produces very legible and durable lettering helping to identify your dog. 

The new Stainless Steel "Fit All" Agility Collar Tag fits any style of collar with a 25mm width.